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U2 Shoebox

About Recent Entries
» Ireland
Dublin and the Emerald Isles
This place they call home.  Where? What? Why?
I may have forgotten to put this on the beta list. *sheepish*
» U2 fanfiction
History of U2 fanfiction and slash
Where did we come from? Why are we here?  What the hell is fanfiction anyway?
» Accolades
Awards: Dates, place, what for
» Non-U2 works
Individual Work
What did they do when they weren't 4?
» Influenced by U2
Influenced by U2
Who are the bands that fangirl with the best of them?
» Literary Influences
Influences - Literary
What books made the band sit up and take notice?
» Musical Influences
Influences - musical
Who were they listening to their whole lives?
» Between Eras
Between Eras
No tour, no album - what the hell were they up to?
» Politics
Who was Bono shaking hands with? What causes are they big on? Who else are they involved with?
» Shalom
What was it? What did it do? Who was involved?
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