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U2 Shoebox

Scrapbook for Encyclopaedia U2
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What happened was...

One night, Rogue was feeling bolshy. As happens at times like this, she took this out onto the hapless world of LJ. Ideas about research, about fanfiction, and about improving the world took shape.

This is the the blueprint for that dream.

The dream is at encyclopaediau2

The name of this society is inspired from shoebox_project which is a work of fanfiction [Harry Potter], about the things you can find in a shoebox beneath your bed. We've taken this idea and run with it, to create a shoebox of U2 information for delectation and joy.

How to update:

In order to keep this manageable, and so that I don't lose the plot, pleasepleaseplease follow this guide for posting.

I will throw in some starting posts of the broad headings I can see being useful for research to be done.  Then just post your findings under the heading.  This is not the place for drooling over bandmembers or talking about what you've just learned.  This is designed to be solely factual.

Once a post reaches 25 comments, I'll open a new post.  This is just so that I can find the information easily enough.  Anybody can post here, but if you are interested in being a beta reader for a chapter, please leave a comment to the poll I place.

Then, beta readers will need to watch my livejournal, as I will have you in specific beta groups, to please proofread and check over the compiled chapter.
N.B. This is going to be for a limited group of people, just to proofread and check spelling errors etc.etc.etc.

Finally, the finished results will be posted at encyclopaediau2 for your enjoyment.

Find any other useful posts all neatly categorised at the Community Memories page